“David consistently delivers courses, content and knowledge in a way that engages a range of learners. Over the past 5 years David has taught teens, adults and educators on behalf of DMA and always receives stellar evaluations and customer satisfaction.”

-David Livingston (Director of Instruction at Digital Media Academy)


“I hired Dave as a private animation tutor to help me better understand Maya while working on my Digital Arts final project for Chapman University. Dave was extremely personable and laid back. He was great to work with and was very patient and helpful throughout my entire project. His knowledge of animation programs is very impressive and he is wonderful at trouble shooting any issue you may stumble across. One of the things I enjoyed the most about working with Dave is he was great and helping me develop my conceptual ideas. Although I had a ton of creative ideas that I wanted to include in my project, many of them I did not know how to go about achieving. Dave was very helpful in this capacity and provided me with numerous ideas and resources for achieving my goals. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone searching for a tutor in the digital arts world.”

-Barry Smith (Student at Champman University)


“Mr. Bittorf is a phenomenal 3D artist and instructor. His patience, professionalism and dedication to his students is superior. He consistently keeps up with technology and inspires his students with real world experiences. I would highly recommend Dave Bittorf for any 3D modeling, dynamics. rendering or instructor job position.”

-Lesley Keith (Student at Platt College)


Congratulations to the CG and VFX 2012 Instructor of the Year

Earlier this year, we called on students in Digital-Tutors group accounts to nominate passionate CG and VFX instructors using Digital-Tutors training in their classrooms. After a flood of nominations and a round of close voting, we’re excited to announce the top three winners.

We want to congratulate David Bittorf of Platt College on winning Digital-Tutors 2012 CG and VFX Instructor of the Year! David’s passion and dedication was evident in every nomination his students submitted. He not only led in votes when voting closed, but had the most nominations.

We would also like to congratulate our runner ups: Donovan Douglas of Art Institute – Pennsylvania and Tara Donovan of George Brown College. The runners up and the other four finalists gave David a great run and we were excited to be able to honor and meet them.

We will have a great workshop coming up in July for some of the finalists and look forward to helping them give their students even more help and resources to pursue their artistic careers.

-Digital Tutors Staff